Zenkaikon 2007 Masquerade Registration Now open!

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Zenkaikon 2007 Masquerade Registration Now open!

Postby Ramothhe » Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:06 pm

We will be taking Hall Cosplay Signups at con and Masq Signups before the con.
Hall cosplay prizes, props rules and judging categories are the same as the masq prop rules and judging categories.

Deadline for Masquerade Application: October 1, 2007

Cosplay Winners will receive:
certificate, pic on our website, and prize including either pick from raffle table or gift certificates!

Rules and Application Form Below!
In order for your entry to be accepted, you must download, fill out and email to us the Word document application form that is linked below the rules here

Event Description: The Cosplay Event (or masquerade) consists of a rehearsed performance. Please come in knowing already what you are going to do and not making it up on the fly as there MAY be a REQUIRED walk-through rehearsal skit participants at some point during the day. Skits, musical performances (but not karaoke, please), and dances are the norm at this kind of event. Entrants in the Cosplay Event who wish to also participate in the Hall Competition are required to have a pre-judging for craftsmanship (rules below, please read them!) otherwise they will be ineligible for any ?best of? awards and may only win presentation awards. Please indicate if you plan on having your craftsmanship judged on the Cosplay Event registration form.

Event Judging Categories:
The Cosplay Event will have three levels of judging as explained below. Please determine your (or your group?s) level to the best of your ability based on the descriptions and indicate your skill level on the entry form (if the judges think you are too good for your current level, we will bump you up a level OR if you wish to compete at a higher level than you actually are, you may bump yourself up a level). The skill levels for judging are as follows:

NOVICE ? This is our category for beginners. If you are new to cosplaying and have never been on stage for a Cosplay Event before, this is the category for you. Cosplayers who have never won any awards at any previous cons for any performances are considered NOVICE cosplayers and will be judged as such.

JOURNEYMAN ? This is for somewhat experienced cosplayers. If you have performed in a Cosplay Event, been judged, and won an award, this is the category for you. Cosplayers who have won up to THREE major awards (?major awards? consist of ?best of? awards, be they best of show, best of category, best of day, etc.) are considered JOURNEYMAN cosplayers and will be judged as such.

CRAFSTMAN ? This is for accomplished cosplayers. If you are an experienced and clean craftsman and have participated in several Cosplay Events and won several awards, this is the category for you. Cosplayers who have won FOUR OR MORE major awards (?major awards? consist of ?best of? awards, be they best of show, best of category, best of day, etc.) are considered CRAFTSMAN cosplayers and will be judged as such.

More Info About the Skits, Skit Time Allotments, Stage Size, Times, etc
?If you are having craftsmanship judging done for your group you MUST bring reference materials. We cannot judge the accuracy of your costumes without them.

?Skits consisting of one person are discouraged ? we encourage you to enter the Hall Contest instead and participate in the walk-ons after the skits. If you have a solo act you really want to put on, you have a maximum of 2 MINUTES of stage time. If you over your allotted time, you will be disqualified. Also, please take into consideration that the stage provided will be 12x24 and staged falls as well as smoke, glitter, and other special effects that will leave a mess or items behind that do not leave the stage with you are prohibited.

?Skits of 2 or more people (with a maximum of 8 participants) have 4 MINUTES of stage time. If you go over your allotted time, you will be disqualified.

?If your skit has music that accompanies it, please burn that song/sound file onto a CD and give it to the judges at Check-In (.mp3 files only!). Please write your name or the name of your group?s leader (and your entry number if you know it) on the CD so we can make sure it?s cued up for your performance.

Weapons Policy:
?No real weapons. This includes use of steel of any type, guns, air guns, flare guns, etc.

?Types of fake weapons that are allowed: Anything made of paper mache or other material that gives if you were to hit someone with it hard enough to hurt them. Toy guns (with bright orange tip) and other forms of plastic weaponry are also allowed. Please use common sense. If you were to take public transport and wouldn't bring your weapon on with you in plain sight then you shouldn't have it.

?ALL weapons and large props (anything over 3ft in any direction) must be bonded at the sign in table. If you don't have your weapon or prop with you at sign in then just find a member of staff when you bring it in and they will either bond it or get someone who can.

?Maximum Prop size: 5 feet

?Misuse of your prop such as swinging it or endangering others with it will result in us asking you to remove the prop from the convention center

?Weapons purchased in the Dealers room must remain boxed and immediately removed to your car, room or other private quarters.

Masq/Cosplay At Con Check In:

There will be a Cosplay Event/Hall Cosplay Check-In Table at Zenkaikon. When you arrive at the convention there will be a sign at the convention registration desk saying what time in the afternoon and where cosplay sign-ups and masquerade check-in will take place. Please make sure that you arrive promptly as no one who arrives after sign-ups are over will be allowed to enter.

If, after reading the rules, you are uncertain about what level you belong to or if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at zenkaikoncosplay@gmail.com

Click here to download the Form. Its a Word Document. Please send it to us at zenkaikoncosplay@gmail.com no later than October 1, 2007.
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