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Panels Registration is Open!

Postby Cremlian » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:06 pm

Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I am pleased to announce that I am now seeking applications for panels. Please send me the following information if you would like to apply for a panel (Please send this information to

Ok, before I get into what I need from you to apply, please note that our scheduling is limited so I will be choosing panels on a variety of criteria. Just because your panel was no picked does not mean it was bad or we do not like you, it is just an issue of time management.

Anyhow, back to the part you actually care about. Remember if your application does not include this information, your panel will not be considered.

What I need in a panel application.

Your Name

Your Panels Name

How many people are on the panel?

What time of day suites your schedule best?

A short description of the Panel (like what is it actually about, is it a humor panel or a serious academic one)

Have you run panels for other conventions?

Will your panel have any special needs (I.E. do you need a projector, a mic, a DVD player).

If we get more panels then we have time, I will be selecting one or two panels to be placed in reserve in case of sudden cancellations.

So let the games begin. If you have any questions please direct them to I'll update this post as more information is available.
Head of Panels at Zenkaikon
Please E-mail me at for any questions about panels.

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Final List of Panels and Descriptions

Postby Ramothhe » Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:29 pm

AMV 101 (AMV creation and fun) Susan Hamer & Joseph Graper
Using Adobe and Sony Vegas we introduce novice to intermediate AMV makers to the joys of AMV making. We field questions on ?how to?s? and share some stories of making AMVs along with some of the difficulties we have experienced.

Anime and the Revolving Door of Culture Brian Price, Robert Fenelon and Walt Amos
A discussion and exploration of the phenomenon of anime, its influence on western scifi/fantasy and its incorporation into our cultural nuances.

Anime Jam Session Adam Wright
This will be a live podcast where we will talk about anime and cosplay. For a live show, we will interview cosplayers and cosplayers that are in characters as anime characters, maybe even a live performance.

Anime Jeopardy Annie & Dan Rubel
nother year, another grueling edition of Otaku Jeopardy. Your two hosts have thought up another batch of frighteningly difficult questions related to Anime, Video Games, and Nerd Culture that will test the mental metal of the contestants. It's the team based game where even the audience participates (and often wins) that frightens yet fascinates con-goers every year. Don't miss it!

Anime Name that Tune Peter Burston
Test your knowledge of anime and video game songs! Several rounds of no holds barred fun!

Anime You Should See Scott Johnson
The past four decades have seen alot of great anime" you've likely seen much less. Now's your chance to learn about the hidden gems, the blockbusters of yesteryear and the classics for all time that you may have missed. Expand your anime horizons.

Bad Anime Bad Brian Price
The pain! Oh dear God, the pain!! How could you ever allow these shows to see the light of day?! We take no responsibility for any psychological damage done when we show (re: inflict upon) you some of the worst of the worst. And they say 'Cruel & Unusual Punishment' is illegal in this country!

Characters Welcome: Anime RPG Campaigns Matt Pascal & Jessi Bavolack
Ever wanted to be in or create your own anime RPG campaign? Let us show you how! Experienced players and game masters share their tips and ideas for running an anime-themed roleplaying game. From home-brewed magical girl games to officially licensed anime properties, there are many options and ways to play as (and with) unique and fun characters. (humor/tutorial)

Cosplay Dating Game Sean and Kevin O'Riley and contestants
Come join us for a hilarious good time as the classic 'Dating Game' takes on a whole new meaning with cosplaying bachelors and bachelorettes! Cosplayers become their favorite character to compete for the hand of the bachelor or bachelorette; hilarity will ensue! 18+ Round (ID required)

Epicenter of All things Sinister Max Van der Mark-Geary
Topics from Otakudom and Geekdom square off to convince the Judge in three-stage cases before opposing counsel. Witness an epic battle of words and minds as opposing counsel advocate for their respective topics as the Epicenter of All Things Sinister.

Fighters High Premiere Panel Christopher A. Ryons, Kevin Siter, Erik Van Wagenen ,Kim Vogel ,Joey Min
Come meet the cast and crew of 'Fighters High', a live-action anime/martial arts-comedy series from IkuZo! Studios, an indie film company from Philadelphia. They will be showing episodes 1 and 2 and a Q&A with the cast and crew

Go Workshop Sonya Bleakley
Learn about the current and past history of the game of GO and learn how to play

Hellsing Fan Panel Char Liesner
Do you love Hellsing? Well so do we! Come join our discussion about all things humorous and otherwise related to the Hellsing manga and OVA's (18+, ID Required)

Japanese 101 RoseRaqs
Japanese 101 with Rose of Raqs Attaq is a panel, in which Rose (a fluent speaker of Japanese) teaches basic Japanese using various methods of teaching (props, in costume, etc).

Old School Shoujo Laura Sladen
A look at classic shoujo that you may have overlooked and how they influence present day shoujo.

OMG MMORPGS Kristyn Oliveti and Tim Souder
An in-depth and often amusing look into the history, culture, and controversy surrounding Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing Games. Do _you_ fit into Yee's 9 Points of MMO Addiction? Could we soon be paying our taxes with gold? Both hard-core gamers and n00bs welcome!

Otaku Belly Dancing Workshop RoseRaqs BellyDancers The Otaku Belly Dance Workshop is a fun panel for all ages in which Rose and crew from Raqs Otaku introduce the basics of bellydance.

Slants Q+A The Slants Anything you'd want to know about the Slants and more! An open discussion of what it's like to be in a band, growing up Asian in America, funny stories from the road, and anything else you'd like to know.

Svetlana Chmakova Fan Panel Jessica Hodges
I'll be talking about Svet, what cons she goes to, her works (current and upcoming), my fangroup, what other things she does, what the fangroup does. Just all around group gathering and a book discussion.

The Power Hour with Bill Rogers & Michele Knotz Bill Rogers & Michele Knotz For years, Bill Rogers and Michele Knotz have been entertaining anime fans with dozens of character voices in many of your favorite anime. In 2005, these two mighty forces combined to work on projects such as Genshiken, Pokemon, Smash Bros., The Third, and...Tarchin and Friends? Find out how two actors from different backgrounds have become allies and together form the most powerful robot in the universe. Well, maybe not a robot, but they are quite a voice acting team. It's an hour of power so...powerful, that an hour may not be enough to contain it.

This Anime Features.. Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer
Gameshow mechanics: contestants try to name anime series based on enigmatic clues.

Totally Subversive Toons Brian Price, Robert Fenelon and Walt Amos
We all remember when cartoons were nice and safe for kids...or were they? Sift through the subtext and you can see how shocking and tradition-defying they were, and still are, to this day. (18+??)

Webcomics: Behind the Panels. Laura Robinson, Wilfred Robinson, Michael Gans, Jessi Bavolack, Matt Pascal, Charles Bastchelet A Lighthearted look at what goes into producing and running a webcomic

Friday Panels/Workshops
Werewolves! (Game) Tim Souder Aoooo! The village is beseiged by werewolves, and who are you? Werewolf? Villager? The Seer who can look beyond the vale to what lies
beneath? Join Werewolves and see...

SO YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT WRITING, DO YA?" (Workshop) CJ Henderson Award-winning writer CJ Henderson is the creator of the Teddy London supernatural detective series, and the author of some 50 other books or novels--titles as varied as The Encyclopedia to Science Fiction Movies to Black Sabbath: the Ozzy Osbourne Years and Baby's First Mythos. He's also written literally thousands of short stories, comics and non-fiction articles. So, if you've ever thought you could be a writer, or wanted to know something about writing, or just wanted to hang out and chatter with one of the most brilliant, and self-absorbed lunatics of our day, bring your questions, notepads and overwhelming intellectual curiosity so you can relentlessly grill our author guest of honor. Would-be-writers beware--this guy does not sugar coat anything. Come prepared to hear the unvarnished, and often ugly truth (at least, what CJ thinks is the truth). Fun for all.

Asian Gaming Workshop with SOS Anime Club SOS Anime Club: Mike Knauer
Andrew Hampson, Naomi Hampson, Paul Snyder

Join the members of the Suburban Otaku Squad(SOS) anime club as they
teach and demo traditional Japanese games! Featured are GO, shogi,
hasami shogi and gomuku. Mahjong and hana fuda (flower cards) may also
be included. People of all skill levels are welcomed. So whether you
have never played before and want to learn or have been playing for
years, feel free to join in!

Batman and Anime PJ Party JezziAlexial (Jessica Cooney)
Come join the cosplay PJ Party! Dress from anime, video games or Batman characters. Included will be Batman/comics and anime trivia for prizes, card games, prizes for six costume categories, Anime, Anime to PJ, Comic, Comic to PJ, Video Game, and VG to PJ.

Samba de Amigo Dance Party DJ Ranma
Ever heard of the Samba de Amigo rhythm game? Want to know what its about, play it on stage, have a dance party with friends and get free stuff?! Come to our hallway dance party!
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