North East Cosplayers Picnic 2010

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North East Cosplayers Picnic 2010

Postby gamergirlx » Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:09 pm

Hey all,

The North East Cosplayers Picnic is an annual gathering of cosplayers from the North East. Just thought I'd mention it over here since it's held in the Philly suburbs, at Rose Tree Park in Media.

Place: Around the Gazebo, Rose Tree Park, Media, PA (Same Bat Place)
Time: What like noonish I guess? (Same Bat Time)

Food: Pot luck. Please bring food/beverage or food-related items. There's a Wawa down the street if you really need to grab something last minute.

Cosplay: Optional. Feel free to, just keep in mind we're outdoors, eating, running around, and it'll probably be warm. So dress appropriately.

Events: Bah, as if we ever plan this kinda thing. I dunno, bring a soccer ball, bring a frisbee or five, there's wide open grass to do whatever.

Feel free to help choose the day, and join the discussion here:
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