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Postby maiotaku » Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:20 am

Hi, I'm Sephiroth. Several people at conventions have approached me about creating a new website for Otaku to find dates and even just meet up for making friends. I had though, oh this has to already exist. After looking around, though, I couldn't find any websites that met my expectations. As a results, I've asked Shin-Ra R&D to create a new website, and we put together MaiOtaku.

What's MaiOtaku? It's a social network, but mostly a dating website, for anime fans made entirely from custom software (not some from a box website). Right now the focus is heavily on matching anime fans to other anime fans, but it has a lot of potential for just social networking, cosplay discussion, etc. I wanted to ask you to create an account. Members can create profiles, upload unlimited pictures (yes, tons of them!), add friends, comment on other user profiles, and now send message.

Right now Shin-Ra is looking for lots of new members to give us feedback and useful data to help us grow (30 members in the first week is not bad so far). Apologies if this, I guess you can call it an advertisement, is against forum rules!

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