Zenkaikon Anime Convention, Lancaster, PA

April 25-27, 2014, Lancaster County Convention Center

Video Gaming

We're happy to announce that the Nexus Gaming Alliance will be returning to host video gaming! The NGA will use its experience at a variety of other events, including Gen Con Indy, MAGFest, Anime Boston, Katsucon, Anime USA, Animation & Gaming Ohio and many more, to provide the ultimate gaming experience for our attendees. In addition to providing both classic and next-generation consoles, they will also be running many tournaments throughout the weekend. Get ready for tournaments such as Halo 4, J-Stars All Stars, Smash Impossible, Retro Gaming Gauntlet and more!


  • Friday, 3pm: Towerfall (Ouya)
  • Friday, 6pm: J-Stars All Stars (PS3 - Import)
  • Friday, 9pm: Smash Impossible (various)
  • Friday, 11pm: Just Dance 2014 (XBox 360 Kinect)
  • Saturday, 12pm: Halo 4: Atomic Rules (2v2v2v2 - XBox 360)
  • Saturday, 3pm: Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
  • Saturday, 6pm: Retro Gaming Gauntlet (various)
  • Saturday, 9pm: Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade)
  • Saturday, 11pm: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3)
  • Sunday, 12pm: Killer Instinct (XBox 1)

About Nexus Gaming Alliance

In the year 20XX, video game rooms were bland and almost cookie-cutter experiences. Then, the Nexus Gaming Alliance was formed.

Founded in 2010, and formed as a non-profit organization in 2012, the Alliance is a combination of various talents brought together to form the ultimate experience in gaming. Their collection is a testament to their love for collecting classic consoles, current-generation consoles and arcade machines to make sure to provide the best experience possible. The tournaments they run are not only efficient but use up-to-date rules and configurations set by community standards.

They even offer other fun contests and competitions over the weekend open to any attendee that shows up; In the past it's ranged from a trivia contest to raffles or live performances from local music talents. The Nexus Gaming Alliance is here to provide you with a gaming experience out of the ordinary. Join the Revolution. (www.NGAgamers.com)