Fan-Run Pokémon Event at Zenkaikon!

April 6th, 2012 by Kristyn

We’re happy to announce that some Pokémon fans have volunteered to host a brand new type of event at Zenkaikon 2012. The Pokémon Black and White Battle Frontier is an attendee-run event that will include a meetup, tournament, and spontaneous challenges throughout the convention. It sounds like a lot of fun! Read the full details below!

The Pokémon Black and White Battle Frontier at Zenkaikon

One thing the Pokémon Black and White games were missing was The Battle Frontier, something that previous installments in the series included. So five fans of Pokémon decided to make such a thing possible, but in real life! Throughout the convention, there will be five Frontier Brains, with special pins designating who they are, walking around for you to challenge with your Pokémon Black or Pokémon White game. Keep in mind they are attendees of the convention just like you so they may be a little busy. If so, they may ask you to wait a bit or just meet them at a later time. Each Frontier Brain has special rules for their challenge just like in the video game, and if you are fortunate enough to defeat them, you will receive a Frontier Symbol pin for their respective Battle Area. Good luck and be sure to check out the meet-up on Friday in the Board Game Room!

Pokémon Black and White Battle Frontier Meetup

Haven’t found many of the Battle Frontier Brains? Here is your chance! The Frontier Brains will all be here in the Board game room for you to challenge. There may be other people in line in front of you, but while you’re waiting your turn you could always trade or battle with the other Pokémon Trainers that show up. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pokémon Black and White Battle Frontier Tournament
Now is your chance for the ultimate claim to fame! You’ve collected all five Frontier Symbols around the convention, what’s next? A tournament run by the Frontier Brains themselves, anyone who has collected all 5 Frontier Symbols can enter this free tournament! Battle through against other challengers to be crowned The Pokémon Black and White Battle Frontier Champion, you’ll also get a few prizes if you win or do good enough in the tournament. Good luck and try your best!

For more details and to register your interest, see the forum thread here!

Don’t forget to bring your DS! ;-)

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    • Becky Whitmore

      Sounds like Funn!!!!

    • Adam DerpyHooves Carter


    • Adam DerpyHooves Carter

       Also I’m a frontier brain